Infrastructure enabling software

Unique software platforms have been built to manage wireless networks, to enrich IoT gateways, to deploy big data & cloud software, to integrate machine-learning models,  to distribute intelligence across wearables, internet-of-things, etc.

jFed and DYAMAND are two in-house developed tools.

jFed ( is a java-based tool to get easy access to over 60 testbeds worldwide, including the iLab.t infrastructure.


DYAMAND ( is a software component that enables developers to integrate connected devices (e.g., IoT sensors and domotics) easily into their application, independent of vendor or technology.


Some of these software frameworks are available as open source projects.


  • Wim Van de Meerssche
  • Thijs Walcarius
  • Jelle Nelis
  • Stijn De Pestel
  • Anna Lin
  • Brecht Vermeulen