The MATTER-project, a two-year Catalisti-ICON project (2018-2019), wants to evaluate the recycling of mixed (post-consumer) plastic waste streams and to use the generated data to develop a decision supporting framework. The MATTER-project is a cooperation between four companies (Indaver, Borealis, Bulk.ID and ECO-oh!), Ghent University (4 research groups) and University of Antwerp (2 research groups). Organizations such Fost+, Plarebel and OVAM will be closely involved in the project execution.


From 2019, the amount of plastics allowed in the PMD bag will be extended to all plastic packaging (FostPlus). On short-term, the collection of an extra 50.000-150.000 tons of mixed plastic waste is expected for the P+MD scheme, most of which are packaging materials for which there aren’t always alternatives to incineration available today. It is the aim within the MATTER-project, to develop technical and market-based criteria to support an optimal plastic waste management system for this increased material flow. By generating general knowledge on the recycling of mixed plastic waste and specific knowledge on the optimization of the P+MD recycling scheme, the MATTER project wants to provide sustainable recycling solutions for this significant amount of waste. In this regard, sustainability analyses will enable the development of a decision-supporting framework based on the value of the plastic stream.


Partners from across the whole value chain are included in the project consortium: separation and pretreatment (Indaver and Bulk.ID), mechanical recycling (Borealis and ECO-oh!) and thermochemical recycling (Indaver and Borealis).


Prof. Steven De Meester
Prof. Kim Ragaert
Prof. Kevin Van Geem
Prof. Jo Dewulf
Prof. Steven Van Passel
Prof. Pieter Billen

dr. Nicolas Mys
drs. Ruben Demets
Msc. Astrid Van Belle