Sustainable Use and Recycling of Polymers and Composites

Sustainable Use and Recycling of Polymers and Composites (prof. Ragaert)

Our mission is to contribute to the circular economy by demonstrating the sustainable potential of plastics.

This is achieved by transferring fundamental materials science to improved industrial processing of recycled plastics. 


The Recycling Research Team of prof. Kim Ragaert brings together researchers from the fields of mechanical engineering, chemistry and materials science, all of them combining their specific knowledge in a multidisciplinary effort to achieve their ambitious mission. Currently about a dozen strong, the team collaborates intensively with industry and other research institutes.

With a solid foundation in polymers materials science, specific research topics include upcycling of mixed solid plastic waste, modeling of polymer degradation, Design for Recycling, Design from Recycling, micro-fibrillar composites, WEEE plastics and recycling of multilayer packaging materials.



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1.  PROFIT: Bringing the municipal waste refinery to a next level:

2.  Microfibrillar Composites

3.  ReRecycling of compatibilized blends

4.  Design From Recycling – finished

5.  PolyCE


7. Matter

8. C-PlaNet

9. ReDESign

10. Circopack