PROFIT-project: Bringing the municipal waste refinery to a next level: Plastic Recuperation and valOrisation FIT for use


What is about?

The PROFIT-project is a three-year MIP-ICON project, focusing on offering an alternative for the incineration of mixed plastic waste streams from post-consumer sources. This type of projects supports the collaboration between companies and research centers, and focuses on the implementation in the market. The PROFIT-project is a cooperation between three companies (Govaerts Recycling, OWS and Vanheede), the University of Ghent and one government agency (OVAM). Within the University of Ghent, three research groups (IBW, CPMT and PAINT) participate and will share their expertise.


Objective of the research

The aim of the PROFIT-project is the valorization of plastic materials from complex waste streams to qualitative end-products. The whole value chain, from waste to separation, to final processing will be examined. Therefore, two areas will be decisive within this project:

  • Reverse engineering: a cost-effective separation fit-for-use, focusing on the properties of the final product.
  • Fundamental knowledge advancement within the area of separation technologies (selective flotation, centrifugation, …) for plastic materials from post-consumer origin.

Furthermore, this project wants to systematically develop the separation/processing chain, taking into account the efficient use of water, chemicals and energy.

Type of funding and duration

MIP-ICON project, 2017-2020


Coordinator: Prof. Kim Ragaert