18-05-2023 New paper published: Evaluation of microstructural and environmental effects on the hydrogen uptake and desorption in high-strength carbon steels: A thermal desorption spectroscopy study
17-05-2023 New paper published: Hydrogen trapping of carbides during high temperature gaseous hydrogenation
11-05-2023 New paper published: Methodology of the electrochemical hydrogen permeation test: A parametric evaluation
23-04-2023 New paper published: The influence of melt composition, liquidus temperature and solidus temperature on vapour explosions in melt droplet impingement experiments
23-04-2023 New paper published: Role of cementite morphology on corrosion layer formation of high-strength carbon steels in sweet and sour environments
23-04-2023 New paper published: Influence of electrochemical hydrogenation parameters on microstructures prone to hydrogen-induced cracking
23-04-2023 New paper published: Evaluation of hydrogen diffusion and trapping in nickel Alloy 625 by thermal desorption spectroscopy
23-04-2023 New paper published: Effect of intercritical temperature on the microstructure and mechanical properties of a ferritic–martensitic dual-phase low-alloy steel with varying nickel content
23-04-2023 New paper published: Sodium silicate corrosion inhibition behaviour for carbon steel in a dynamic salt water environment
23-04-2023 New paper published: A combined numerical‐experimental approach for the critical hydrogen diffusion depth in steel
23-04-2023 New paper published: The mechanism of hydride formation during electrochemical hydrogen charging of Ti-6Al-4V
21-04-2023 New paper published: Mechanical load induced hydrogen charging of retained austenite in quenching and partitioning (Q&P) steel
26-01-2023 Simon obtained his PhD on January 19
20-12-2022 Arne obtained his PhD on December 15
22-11-2022 Margot obtained her PhD on November 18
28-10-2022 Liese Vandewalle wins Best Paper Award at the 4th International Conference on Metals and Hydrogen
27-10-2022 New paper published: The role of cementite on the hydrogen embrittlement mechanism in martensitic medium-carbon steels
17-10-2022 HydroGhent symposium
26-09-2022 New paper published: A combined thermal desorption spectroscopy and internal friction study on the interaction of hydrogen with microstructural defects and the influence of carbon distribution
18-09-2022 New paper published: On the role of the stacking fault energy in the beneficial effect of aluminium on the hydrogen embrittlement sensitivity of twinning-induced plasticity (TWIP) steel
26-08-2022 Katelijne obtained her PhD on August 22nd
11-08-2022 New paper published: The effect of Nb on the hydrogen embrittlement susceptibility of Q&P steel under static and dynamic loading
11-08-2022 New paper published: The effect of an Al-induced ferritic microfilm on the hydrogen embrittlement mechanism in martensitic steels
03-08-2022 New paper published: The effect of vapour formation and metal droplet temperature and mass on vapour explosion behaviour
06-07-2022 Lisa Claeys wins ESIS-Elsevier Young Scientist Award at ECF23
10-05-2022 SMS group represented at TFAP conference
10-05-2022 New paper published: Towards more realistic simulations of microstructural evolution in oxidic systems
28-03-2022 New paper published: Use of existing steel pipeline infrastructure for gaseous hydrogen storage and transport: A review of factors affecting hydrogen induced degradation
28-02-2022 New paper published: Fundamental and Formation Aspects of Slag Freeze Linings: A Review
28-02-2022 New paper published: The addition of aluminum to brittle martensitic steels in order to increase ductility by forming a grain boundary ferritic microfilm
15-12-2021 New paper published: Investigation of the effect of carbon on the reversible hydrogen trapping behavior in lab-cast martensitic Fe-C steels