28-09-2020 New paper published: Influence of displacement rate and temperature on the severity of liquid metal embrittlement of T91 steel in LBE
07-09-2020 New paper published: The influence of concretion on the long-term corrosion rate of steel shipwrecks in the Belgian North Sea
03-09-2020 New paper published: Hydrogen-assisted cracking in 2205 duplex stainless steel: Initiation, propagation and interaction with deformation-induced martensite
03-07-2020 New paper published: Qualification of the in-situ bending technique towards the evaluation of the hydrogen induced fracture mechanism of martensitic Fe–C steels
03-06-2020 New paper published: Evaluation of the active mechanism for acidic SCC induced mechanical degradation: A methodological approach
28-05-2020 Research team presented in the Techlane newsletter: 'How does scientific research on materials make our planet more sustainable?'
24-03-2020 New paper published: Mechanical degradation of Fe-C-X steels by acidic stress-corrosion cracking
08-03-2020 New paper published: Quantification of the Fe3+ concentration in lead silicate glasses using X-band CW-EPR
23-02-2020 New paper published: Microstructural based hydrogen diffusion and trapping models applied to Fe-C-X alloys
18-02-2020 New paper published: Mechanical degradation of Fe-C-X steels by acidic stress-corrosion cracking
16-01-2020 New paper published: Critical assessment of the evaluation of thermal desorption spectroscopy data for duplex stainless steels: a combined experimental and numerical approach
28-12-2019 New paper published: The effect of a constant tensile load on the hydrogen diffusivity in dual phase steel by electrochemical permeation experiments
23-12-2019 New paper published: The hydrogen embrittlement sensitivity of duplex stainless steel with different phase fractions evaluated by in-situ mechanical testing
19-12-2019 New paper published: EBSD characterization of hydrogen induced blisters and internal cracks in TRIP-assisted steel
15-10-2019 New paper published: The effect of hydrostatic stress on the hydrogen induced mechanical degradation of dual phase steel: A combined experimental and numerical approach
30-07-2019 New paper published: Electrochemical hydrogen charging to simulate hydrogen flaking in pressure vessel steels
26-07-2019 New paper published: First observation by EBSD of martensitic transformations due to hydrogen presence during straining of duplex stainless steel
10-07-2019 New paper published: Effect of annealing on microstructure, texture and hardness of ITER-specification tungsten analyzed by EBSD, vickers micro-hardness and nano-indentation techniques