Bond Shear Properties of the Interface Between Printed Concrete and Rock


  • Xiaoyun Wang
  • Kim Van Tittelboom (supervisor)
  • Geert De Schutter (supervisor)
  • Yong Yuan (supervisor)


This project aims to study the early-age bond shear properties of the interface between printed concrete and rock. In this project, a series of tests will be developed for conducting short-interval interface bond shear tests for 3D printed concrete. Based on the tests, influencing factors on the mechanical properties of the interface will be analysed. The factors include the age of printed concrete, the surface roughness of rock, and the surface moisture of rock. Numerical simulation will be performed to study the evolution of early-age interfacial properties considering the influence of the above-mentioned factors.

BCJLIC project SW A new bond shear test for 3D printed concrete
A new bond shear test for 3D printed concrete