C3PO project

Within the C3PO project (Co-creation 3D printing with companies) an acceleration of the 3D printing technology in Flanders is aimed for. With financial support from both the province Antwerp and Europe, during the upcoming years, 1.6 mio euro will be used to foresee among others a real 3D printer at Kamp C in Westerlo. This should allow the construction sector to experiment, test prototypes and realize 0series. With the C3PO project, which will run for three years, eight organizations, both academic institutes and companies, bundle their forces under the leadership of Kamp C, it concerns Ghent University, Thomas More College, Van Roey, Beneens, Trias Architects, ETIB nv / Concrete House and Vicre.

To stimulate 3D printing in the construction industry, all partners are brought together for maximum knowledge exchange. The C3PO project must inspire and persuade them to participate in the necessary changes. Both the construction sector, academic and scientific institutes need a location where they can experiment. Therefore, Camp C will foresee the necessary printing infrastructure in the coming years. Once this infrastructure has been adequately tested, it will be opened to companies and educational institutes to experiment and co-create.

These are the objectives of the C3PO project:

  • The end goal of the C3PO project is to acquire and start using 3D printing infrastructure for construction related applications in order to involve the construction industry in this groundbreaking technique, to create new business in Flanders and to inspire constructors for the future.
  • With the C3PO project we want Flanders to become one of the key players with regard to 3D printing in the construction industry and give the construction companies a head start.
  • We will create a 3D print cluster within the construction industry, which will be linked to the Flame3D network, the independent platform for 3D printing in Flanders, a platform in which the construction sector was not yet represented.


Role of Ghent University
Ghent University is the only university in Flanders investigating the possibilities of 3D printing in the construction sector. The knowledge about cementitious materials and the research infrastructure available at the Magnel Laboratory for Concrete Research will be a big added value for the C3PO project.




Prof. Geert De Schutter
Ghent University
Department Structural Engineering
Phone number: +32 9 264 55 21

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