Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) of glass structures


  • Yaser Shokrani
  • Jan Belis (supervisor)
  • Jeroen Missinne (supervisor)
  • Geert Lombaert (supervisor)


Structural health monitoring (SHM) is the implementation of a damage identification strategy on a structure to monitor its current health condition. The shift from conventional visual inspections to advanced intelligent sensor based SHM is rapidly gaining popularity in the past years both academically and commercially. In the meanwhile, the application of glass as structural components or large façades has attracted more attention in recent years in comparison to the mere usage as relatively small infill panels in the past. While many researchers have studied application of different SHM methods on various types of structures, SHM implementation on glass structures has received limited attention and further efforts are required to address efficient management of these structures. The aim of this project is to devise and implement a structural health monitoring approach by in situ application of sensors on glass structures in order to identify the presence of potential damages, localize them, as well as estimating remaining service life of the structure. The project involves both numerical and experimental stages. This is an inter-university project supported by the Structural Glass Research Group at Ghent University, the centre for Microsystems technology (CMST) at Ghent University, and structural mechanics group at KULeuven.


Partner Yaser Shokrani