Systematic study of extinction and re-ignition modelling through finite rate chemistry in LES simulations of buoyant flames


  • Jeri At Thabari
  • Georgios Maragkos (supervisor)
  • Bart Merci (supervisor)


CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) simulations of fires are always challenging, due to the complex interaction of chemistry (combustion and pyrolysis), physics (heat transfer, evaporation) and fluid mechanics (turbulence, ventilation, mixing) in the gas phase and the solid and/or liquid phase. This project focuses on fundamental research on the turbulent combustion in the gas phase, including finite-rate chemistry in the combustion process, in order to develop improved models for extinction and re-ignition of flames in the context of compartment fires. This is very important with respect to the overall fire dynamics. The overarching research hypothesis to be challenged in this fundamental research project is that the introduction of finite-rate chemistry in CFD simulations of fire flames is useful, in particular for modelling of incomplete combustion and extinction / re-ignition, as well as for radiation modelling, but that model developments are required. This will be investigated for EDC (Eddy Dissipation Concept) and CMC (Conditional Moment Closure) combustion models in LES (Large-Eddy Simulations) CFD simulations.

Graphical abstract project Jeri At Thabari


Funding FWO Jeri At Thabari