Structural testing at non-ambient temperature/humidity


The Magnel-Vandepitte Laboratory is amongst others focusing on the structural behaviour of materials, components and structures at non-ambient temperature and humidity. Such conditions are very important for e.g. long-term structural performance of adhesive bonds, laminated glass, composite materials, etc. but also of structural components or systems in fire conditions.

  • climatised test chamber of 3 m by 4 m (+5° C to +65° C) with custom hydraulic loading systems;
  • ConStrucT (under construction): Conditioned Structural Testing chamber of 1,4 m * 1,4 m * 1,2 m (-40° C to +180° C) with multi-axial hydraulic loading system and enabling large deformations; fully compatible with digital image correlation;
  • 100 kN Instron universal testing machine with according temperature chamber with internal dimensions 0,4 m * 0,4 m * 0,65 m (-120° C to +350° C);
  • High-intensity electric radiant panel (+100° C to +1000° C) able to simulate fire conditions



Prof. Jan Belis

Prof. Roman Wan-Wendner

Prof. Ruben Van Coile