Research, development and innovation support

DuraBUILDmaterials is a network of research teams at Ghent University, that unite expertise on durable cementitious and mineral building materials. The development of materials with high durability characteristics is of high economic importance for the built environment and infrastructure. In recent years new developments appeared as a result of advanced research on the microstructure of building materials, physico-chemical modelling of deterioration phenomena, combination of different types of constituent materials and admixtures for concrete mix design, advanced tools for life-cycle analysis, optimization of fibre reinforcement for cementitious materials, etc.

The DuraBUILDmaterials cluster offers multidisciplinary research and technology developments towards industry, with expertise on durable building materials. Its main objective is to stimulate and accelerate valorization of new technologies, in collaboration with industrial partners. 

The resulting patents of this form of cooperation are listed below:

  • UK priority application: AUTOGENOUS SETTING OF NON-HYDRAULIC LIME MORTARS BY MEANS OF MICROBIAL CARBONATE PRODUCTION; application number: PCT/EP2010/056413; patent application lodgement: 13/05/09. Published: 18/11/2010 – publication no. VWO 2010/130712.
  • AUTOMATIC CONNECTION VALVE FOR CONCRETE PUMPING, patent application submitted, European Patent Office, application number EP11154595.0, 2011.

For more information about DuraBUILDmaterials, we refer to the website or to the contact address of the technology developer Prof. dr. ir. Stijn Matthys.