China Partners Academic Forum 2023 - CPAF2023: 27 November – 1 December 2023.

3rd edition of the China Partners Academic Forum (large view)

3rd edition of the China Partners Academic Forum

(28-08-2023) 3rd edition of the China Partners Academic Forum

The 1st CPAF was successfully held in September 2021. Consisting of eight seminars, this one-week forum received numerous compliments from participants and organizers. The 2nd edition of CPAF was held in October 2022, and the number of seminars increased to seventeen. The aim of CPAF was to promote cooperation in education and research between Ghent University and its partner universities in China and to create a platform for scientific exchange.

From 27 of November until 1 December 2023, the East Asia Platform will organize its 3rd edition of CPAF. In accordance with Ghent University's respect for diversity, innovation and inclusiveness, this year’s forum consists of nine seminars covering a wide range of disciplines and focusing on very actual themes.

The targeted audience for this CPAF 2023 are Ghent University alumni as well as academic and administrative staff, students and researchers from Ghent University and its partner institutions in China.

This seminar series is being organized with the support of colleagues from the following partner universities:

  1. Chengdu University of Technology
  2. Chongqing University
  3. Hebei Medical University
  4. Liaocheng University
  5. Nanjing Forestry University
  6. Qufu Normal University*
  7. Shandong University
  8. Tongji University
  9. University of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences


Please note that the time zone for these webinars will be Beijing Standard Time!

A link to participate in each of these seminars will be sent to all participants in due time.



*This first seminar, an on-site event organized by Qufu Normal University, already took place in October 2023 in hybrid format.