Overview of the different formats of cooperation agreements

For an overview of the collaborations of Ghent University with Japan and Republic of Korea, please take a look at the following map

Currently Ghent University has more than 100 agreements with partners in Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Please find the overview of the agreements here.

This overview includes:

* CA = Cooperation agreement
* LOI = Letter of Intent
* MOU = Memorandum of Understanding
* SEA = Student and Staff Exchange Agreements
* 3+1+1 or 3+2 Programme Agreements
* Agreements for joint supervision of doctoral research
* Co-financing agreements
* Double Degree programme Agreements (Ma and/or PhD)
* Joint Laboratory Agreements
* Research Agreements

Furthermore, the Ghent University Tech Transfer Office is already active for many years in setting up specific contracts and agreements that fall under their activity domain and has already gained a lot of experience in this field. In this way, the link with companies and the valorization of research with our partners is strengthened.

For more specific information, please contact the coordinator of the East Asia Platform, who can refer you to the right department depending on the format/type of the agreement:

Inge Mangelschots
T: 09 264 70 26

Fact sheet (English)

Fact sheet (Chinese)

Partners of the Strategic Partnership China

Non-academic partners

Non-academic partners