Corporate reporting and performance evaluation

Research topics

Our research focuses on the following broad areas:

  • Management accounting
  • Public sector and non-profit sector accounting
  • Corporate reporting and auditing
  • Accounting education
  • Performance evaluation

A common characteristic of our research is that the origin of the research themes typically has a grounding in real-world practice or the institutional environment as it surrounds us and is of an empirical nature.

Our strategy is to couple practical real-world relevance with international academic aspirations by studying policy-relevant and real-world themes based on sound theoretical frameworks and advanced research methods.


  • Johan Christiaens
  • Ignace De Beelde
  • Patricia Everaert
  • Sophie Hoozée
  • Sophie Maussen
  • Evelien Opdecam
  • Philippe Van Cauwenberge
  • Heidi Vander Bauwhede

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