Making the best of your Ph.D. and early-stage career
Prof. dr. Shaker Zahra (Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota)
24 June 2015: Business Administration Seminar

Entrepreneurship and Janus government policy
Prof. dr. Steven Bradley (Baylor University, USA)
23 June 2015: Business Administration Seminar

On the real effects of financial pressure: evidence from euro area firm-level employment growth during the recent financial crisis
Prof. dr. Serafeim Tsoukas (University of Glasgow, Adam Smith Business School)
15 April 2015: Business Administration Seminar

Sovereign and corporate credit risk: Evidence from the Eurozone
Prof. dr. Paolo Colla
(Bocconi University, Italië).
27 November 2014: Business Administration Seminar, joint event UGent-Université Lille 2

Creativity and control: a paradox. Evidence from the levers of control framework
Prof. dr. Sally K. Widener
(Clemson University, South Carolina, USA).
10 October 2014: Business Administration Seminar