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About us

The department of Management Information science and Operations Management is part of the nine departments which are effective within the faculty of Economy and Business Management of Ghent University.

This department’s field of research is very extensive. Research is done into the following subjects: methodologies to develop strategic information systems, efficiency increase of administrative processes, production policy, project management, and project scheduling. This website shows how the department fills up each of these sub domains.



The members of the department Management Information science and Operations Management provide in addition to education and research also important service duties to the community. A distinction can be made between an external and an internal component (service within Ghent University).

External services

The external service consists mainly of the active membership and / or chair of various working groups, committees, editorial boards ... and of reviewing articles for academic journals.

Internal services

The internal service includes both scientific services (mainly the supervision of doctoral research), and also a diverse number of tasks in terms of management and administration of the faculty or university.

The members of the department of Management Information science and Operations Management are also active members of several faculty and university committees (education committees, Library Committee, IT Committee, committee internationalization, Doctoral Committee, Steering Committee for the computer applications of the Central Student Administration, Board of Study and Professional Sports ...)

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