Banking and Finance

Research interests

The research team banking and finance is mainly oriented at high quality empirical research in the following research streams:

  • Empirical asset pricing
  • Behavioral Finance 
  • Empirical banking and financial stability
  • Financial development and institutions
  • Market micro structure
  • Exchange rates

Key publications

Recent PhD graduates

First or current placement (when available) in parenthesis

  • Nicolas De Vijlder, October 2023, Essays on land and credit markets : the Southern Low Countries, 1400-1900
  • Tom Eeckhout, August 2023, Measuring corruption, intergenerational mobility and human capital using trace data : evidence from Russia
  • Nicolas Soenen, June 2022, Regulation, monetary policy and bank risk
  • Dimitrios Kolokas, June 2022, Essays in financial innovation and sustainability
  • Thomas Present, March 2022, Banking and regulation in Europe after the Great Financial Crisis
  • Kobra Ahmadpour, December 2021, Essays in Behavioral Finance: Investor Response to Oil Spills, and Hedge Fund and CTA Managers' Risk Shifting Behavior
  • Jessie Vantieghem, July 2021, Credit Rating Agencies and Their Role of Disseminating Information
  • Raheel Asif, May 2021, Essays on Asset Pricing, Financial Crisis, and Market Efficiency
  • Kevin Hoefman, November 2020, Live agent-based models
  • Elien Meuleman, October 2020, Macroprudential policy, monetary policy and bank stability in Europe
  • Andres Algaba, August 2020,  Predictive data filters for timely economic and financial decision making
  • Thi Xuan Linh Nguyen, August 2020, Corporate sustainability performance in the emerging East Asian markets
  • Sümeyra Atmaca, March 2020, Institutions and networks
  • Carel Johannes van der Merwe, January 2020, Classifying yield spread movements in sparse data through triplots
  • Milan van den Heuvel, September 2019, Addressing socioeconomic challenges with micro-level trace data (Ghent University)
  • Hannes Stieperaere, June 2019, Investor behavior and the effect on financial markets (National Bank of Belgium)
  • Frederik Mergaerts, Maart 2019, Essays in financial economics (De Nederlandsche Bank)
  • Annelies Hoebeeck, February 2019, The tax benefit for mortgage payments : incentive effects and implications for house prices (Flemish Government Department for Finance and Budget)
  • Vu Ha Phuoc, December 2018, Governance and Firm Efficiency in Vietnam (Danang University of Economics, Vietnam)
  • Thomas Matthys, December 2018, Topics in Financial Economics (Vlerick Business School)