Professorial staff


Johan AlbrechtJohan Albrecht

Environmental Economics

Energy systems



Stijn BaertStijn Baert

Labour market discrimination

Transition from school to work

Work and health

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    Brent BleysBrent Bleys

    Ecological Economics

    Environmental Economics



    Ranoua BouchouichaRanoua Bouchouicha

    Behavioral Finance  

    Risk Preferences

    Corporate Finance

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      Kris BoudtKris Boudt

       Financial risk modelling  




      Frank CaesteckerFrank Caestecker

       International Trade, Investment and Migration



        Philippe CarettePhilippe Carette

        Mathematical and statistical modelling




        Bart CockxBart Cockx

        Labour Economics
        Policy Evaluation
        Behavioural Economics 

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        Bart DefloorBart Defloor

        Applied public economics

        Environmental/ecological economics

        Sustainable development


        Selien De SchryderSelien De Schryder

        Empirical macroeconomics
        Energy economics
        Monetary policy
        International economics

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        William De VijlderWilliam De Vijlder

        Banking and Finance



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        Gerdie EveraertGerdie Everaert




          Michael FrömmelMichael Frömmel

          The foreign exchange market

          Market microstructure

          Financial markets in emerging economies

          Managed future and hedge funds 

          Stijn GoeminneStijn Goeminne

          Public economics

          Political economy

          Economic analysis of public administration

            Freddy HeylenFreddy Heylen

            Fiscal policy
            Labour market
            Demographic change

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            Koen InghelbrechtKoen Inghelbrecht

            Empirical Asset Pricing

            Financial Markets

            Behavioural Finance

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            Martien LamersMartien Lamers

            Financial intermediation

            Banking regulation

            Empirical banking

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            Jos MeirJos Meir

            Banking and Finance


            Bruno MerlevedeBruno Merlevede

            International Investment and Trade
            Firm Performance
            Foreign Direct Investment
            Regional Economics

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            Eddy OmeyEddy Omey

            Labour Economics, Economics of Education



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            Yasin Kursat ÖnderYasin Kursat Önder

            Macroeconomics, Policy and Econometrics



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            Gert PeersmanGert Peersman

            Macroeconomics, Policy and Econometrics



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              Glenn RaypGlenn Rayp

              International Trade, Migration and Regional Integration


              Luis E C RochaLuis E C Rocha

              Complex Systems
              Network Science
              Data Science
              Population Dynamics

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                Ilse RuyssenIlse Ruyssen

                Migration determinants

                Migrants' location choice

                Welfare implications of migration

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                Koen SchoorsKoen Schoors

                Banking and Finance
                Law and Economics
                Development, Institutional Economics
                Complex networks
                Big data in economics 

                Frank SmetsFrank Smets



                Financial and international issues mostly related to central banking

                  Samuel StandaertSamuel Standaert

                  International trade and Applied Econometrics




                    Dirk Van de gaerDirk Van de gaer

                    Public Economics


                    Welfare Economics

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                    Luc Van OotegemLuc Van Ootegem

                    Welfare and public economics

                    Well-being (measurement and policy)


                      Rudi Vander VennetRudi Vander Vennet

                      European Banking
                      Bank Business Models
                      Economics of Banking
                      Monetary Policy
                      Macroprudential Policy 

                      Elsy VerhofstadtElsy Verhofstadt

                      Welfare, labour and public economics

                      Well-being (measurement and policy)



                        Ferdinand VieiderFerdinand Vieider

                        Applied microeconomics; Decision making
                        Development Economics
                        Behavioural Economics
                        Policy evaluation

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