Affiliated Researchers


Andrea AlbaneseAndrea Albanese

 Labour Economics and Applied Microeconometrics


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Lieven BaeleLieven Baele




    Brecht BooneBrecht Boone
    OLG models 

    Fiscal Policy

    Labour markets

    Industrial Organization

    Stef De VisscherStef De Visscher

    Growth econometrics

    Bayesian econometrics

    Workforce aging

    Willem DevriendtWillem Devriendt

    Pension reform
    OLG modelling
    Personal webpage

      Eyüp KadiogluEyüp Kadioglu

      Financial Markets

      Banking and Finance

      Corporate Finance

      Personal webpage

      Satrajit Mukherjee Satrajit Mukherjee

      International Economics

      Exchange Rates

      Market Microstructure

      Personal webpage


      Matteo Picchio Matteo Picchio

      Labour Economics
      Health Economics
      Economics of Education

      Personal webpage


      Victoria Purice Victoria Purice

      Foreign direct investment
      Knowledge spillovers
      Firm performance and external finance dependence Financial stability
      personal webpage

      Benjamin Schalembier Benjamin Schalembier


      Ruben Schoonackers Ruben Schoonackers

      Empirical Macroeconomics

      Fiscal and Tax Policy


      Lieze SohierLieze Sohier



      Labour Economics

      Hannes Stieperaere Hannes Stieperaere

      Asset Pricing

      Behavioral Finance

      Retail Investor Behavior


        PlaceholderIlya Ulyanov



          Eva Van BelleEva Van Belle

          Labour economics
          Labour market discrimination
          Policy evaluation
          Survey experiments
          Personal webpage

          Carel Johannes van der Merwe Carel Johannes van der Merwe

          Banking and Finance


            Ad Van RietAd van Riet

            European integration, Monetary policy
            Financial regulation
            Fiscal policy
            Economic reform
            Personal webpage

            PlaceholderMarijn Verschelde

            Efficiency and productivity analysis
            Applied microeconomics
            Machine learning
            Personal webpage