Affiliated Researchers


Haya Al-Ajlani Haya Al-Ajlani


Andrea AlbaneseAndrea Albanese

Labour Economics and Applied Microeconometrics



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Raheel AsifRaheel Asif

Foreign Exchange Exposure and efficiency of Emerging Stock markets



Brecht BooneBrecht Boone

OLG models

Fiscal Policy

Labour markets

Industrial Organization

Astrid BuchmayrAstrid Buchmayr

Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment

Social Impact



PlaceholderArno De Block


Olivier de JongheOlivier De Jonghe

Empirical banking
bank-firm relationships
bank and firm micro-data analysis
credit markets

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Bram De LangeBram De Lange

Political Economy

State Ownership

Firm Heterogeneity

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Rogier De LangheRogier De Langhe

Circular economy

Product-service systems

Business model innovation

Community-supported agriculture

Ignace De VosIgnace De Vos




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Willem DevriendtWillem Devriendt



Pension reform

OLG modelling

Mustafa DisliMustafa Disli

Empirical banking
Empirical Finance
Behavioral Finance
Innovation and technological change

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PlaceholderMichel Dumont


Research and development

Innovation and technological change

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Garo GarabedianGaro Garabedian

Banking and finance



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Rezart HoxhajRezart Hoxhaj

International factor mobility (Migration)

Development economics

Integration/assimilation of immigrants


Martin IseringhausenMartin Iseringhausen

Empirical macroeconomics

(Bayesian) econometrics

Volatility modeling

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Eyüp KadiogluEyüp Kadioglu

Banking and Finance



Elien MeulemanElien Meuleman

Topics in empirical banking:

Monetary policy

Macroprudential policy

Bank systemic risk

Michel klaus BernardKlaus Bernhard Michel

Global value chains
Trade and the environment
Carbon footprint analysis

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Matteo Picchio Matteo Picchio

Labour Economics
Health Economics
Economics of Education

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Thomas PresentThomas Present

Bank sovereign exposures

Interest margins of banks

Pension savings


Victoria Purice Victoria Purice

Foreign direct investment
Knowledge spillovers
Firm performance and external finance dependence Financial stability

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Karel PypeKarel Pype

Environmental Economics




Ruben Schoonackers Ruben Schoonackers

Empirical Macroeconomics

Fiscal and Tax Policy



Lieze Sohier Lieze Sohier

Labour and Wellfare

Angelos Theodorakopoulos 225*300 Angelos Theodorakopoulos

Technological change
International Economics, impirical IO
Applied Microeconomics and Econometrics

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Tibo Uyttersprot Tibo Uyttersprot

Climate change and health systems within CliMigHealth

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Eva Van BelleEva Van Belle

Labour economics
Labour market discrimination
Policy evaluation
Survey experiments

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Désirée Vandenberghe Désirée Vandenberghe

Health Economics

Environmental Economics



Aline Vandenbroeck Aline Vandenbroeck

International Trade, Investment & Migration

Health and Migration Economics


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Jonas Van der SlyckenJonas Van der Slycken

Ecological macroeconomics

Beyond GDP

Alternative welfare indicators


Wouter Van der VekenWouter Van der Veken

Macroeconomics, Policy and Econometrics




Ad Van RietAd van Riet

European integration, Monetary policy
Financial regulation
Fiscal policy
Economic reform

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Jessie VantieghemJessie Vantieghem

Banking and Finance

Marijn VerscheldeMarijn Verschelde

Efficiency and productivity analysis

Applied microeconomics

Machine learning

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Joris WautersJoris Wauters

Macroeconomics, Policy and Econometrics



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PlaceholderPeter Willemé

International Trade, Investment & Migration