Environmental Economics

Research interests

  • environmental and energy economics
  • climate policy
  • energy transition
  • welfare and wellbeing indicators

Key publications


Recent PhD graduates

First or current placement (when available) in parenthesis

  • Hamels Sam, September 2021, Realising a carbon-neutral European electricity system and building stock – technoeconomic and financial challenges
  • Linh Nguyen Thi Dieu, June 2021, Climate change adaptation and sustainable agriculture : the case of saltwater intrusion and rice production in central coastal region of Vietnam
  • Jonas Van der Slycken, March 2021, Beyond GDP: alternative measures of economic welfare for the EU-15
  • Sarmad Zaman Rajper, October 2020, Essays on prospects of electric vehicles in Pakistan
  • Désirée Vandenberghe, September 2020, The economics of preventive health care
  • Ruben Laleman, May 2015, Policies to support the low carbon electricity transition
  • Johan Albrecht, April 2002, Institutional and instrumental innovations for environmental policy