PhD Graduates - International Economics


  • Els Bekaert, October 2022, Understanding migration drivers : the role of health and climate factors
  • Killian Foubert, January 2022, Essays on migration (intentions) and terrorism


  • Bram De Lange, April 2021, State-Ownership and the European Economy


  • Ruben Dewitte, January 2020, Firm heterogeneity in international trade


  • Yelter Bollen, February 2018, The domestic politics of EU trade policy : the political-economy of CETA and anti-dumping in Belgium and the Netherlands. (Université Libre de Bruxelles)


  • Angelos Theodorakopoulos, August 2017, Internationalisation and firm performance. (KU Leuven, VIVES - Research Centre for Regional Economics)


  • Stijn Ronsse, December 2015, Explorations in Cliometrics. (Idea Consult; Ghent University)
  • Victoria Purice, October 2015, Multinational activity and firm performance. (University of Groningen)
  • Samuel Standaert, September 2015, Economic integration and corruption: resolving measurement and endogeneity problems through state-space modeling. (Ghent University)


  • Karolien Lenaerts, December 2014, Firm-level heterogeneity and the demand and supply side of foreign direct investment spillovers


  • Ilse Ruyssen, April 2013, Determinants of international migration. (Université catholique de Louvain)


  • Marijn Verschelde, June 2012, Nonparametric production and frontier analysis: applications in economics


  • Stefan Van Parys, February 2011, Empirical contributions to international and local tax interaction


  • Bert Vanbergen, October 2008, Are social welfare states facing a race to the bottom?: a theoretical perspective