Prof. dr. apr. A. VERMEULEN

Prof. dr. apr. An Vermeulen graduated as a pharmacist from the Ghent University in 1989, and received her PhD from the same university in 1994, with a thesis entitled: The influence of ageing on the enantioselective pharmacokinetics of beta-blockers in the rat.

In May 1992, she joined Janssen Pharmaceutica NV where she consecutively worked in the Preclinical & the Clinical Pharmacokinetic departments, and the Advanced Modeling and Simulation group. Currently, she leads the Pharmacological Modeling group within Model Based Drug Development (80% assignment). She also works as a guest professor Pharmacokinetics at the Ghent University (20% assignment).

Main research interests: Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacodynamics, Pharmacometrics, Translational PKPD Modeling, Personalized Medicine.

Her current research projects include the following topics:

  •  Top-down (population analyses), bottom-up (PBPK) and middle-out approaches
  •  Cardiovascular PKPD modeling
  •  The influence of age on PK and PD of antibiotics (pediatrics, geriatrics)
  •  PKPD modeling for peritoneal carcinomatosis treatment
  •  PK modeling, including IVIVC, in support of formulation development



Contact details

Laboratory of Medical Biochemistry and Clinical Analysis, Department of Bioanalysis
Campus Heymans
Ghent University
Ottergemsesteenweg 460
B-9000 Ghent
Tel. : + 32 (0)9 264 81 12
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