Scientific collaborator: Apr. Marie-Paule BOUCHE

Analytical-toxicological evaluation of potential degradationproducts of sevoflurane.

Sevoflurane is an inhalational anaesthetic agent, recently introduced in several countries for use in "high-flow" or "open circuit" anaesthesia. Application in "low-flow" or "closed circuit" anaesthesia, wherein a CO2 absorbent is incorporated to eliminate the CO2 produced by the patient, is still subject to intense scientific debate. Exothermic reaction between sevoflurane and the alkaline absorbens results in the formation of potentially nephrotoxic degradation products such as compound A, a highly volatile vinylether.

The goal in our project, which is developed in cooperation with the Department of Anaesthesia of the UZ Gent, is to study the compound A formation under various clinical conditions (in vitro and in vivo experiments) and also to evaluate the compound A uptake by the patient. Consequently, an analytical assay for the quantitative determination of compound A was developed. Bearing in mind the volatile character of the compounds, head-space GC-MS with cold trapping of the components in the injector liner followed by flash desorption is preferred.

By Marie-Paule Bouche