Prof. dr. apr. K. BOUSSERY



After graduating as a pharmacist in 1999, Koen Boussery became a research assistant in the Vascular Research Unit from the Department of Physiology and Pathophysiology (Faculty of Medecine and Health Sciences, Ghent University). In 2005, he obtained a PhD in medical sciences with a thesis entitled “Vasoactive influence of paracrine retinal substances: a study on isolated retinal arteries”. In May 2006, he joined the LMBKA as a post-doctoral fellow, responsible for the implementation of a new research line in preclinical and clinical pharmacokinetics.


Main research interests: Pharmacokinetics and Pharmaceutical care unit


Koen Boussery’s current research focus is on the influence of different pathologies on pharmacokinetics and drug metabolism. His current research projects include the following topics:

  • the pharmacokinetics of antibiotics in patients in the intensive care unit
  • the pharmacokinetics of proton pump inhibitors in children with cerebral palsy
  • the influence of severe chronic liver disease on Cytochrome P450-mediated drug metabolism in children
  • the Cytochrome P450 enzyme activity in children following liver transplantation

Pharmaceutical care unit

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Prof. Koen BousseryContact details

Laboratory of Medical Biochemistry and Clinical Analysis, Department of Bioanalysis
Campus Heymans
Ghent University
Ottergemsesteenweg 460
B-9000 Ghent
Tel. : + 32 (0)9 264 81 10
                                      E-mail : Koen Boussery