Services for external partners

Aside from the core research lines, the Laboratory of Radiopharmacy offers tailored research services for external partners and the public sector.

The Ghent Laboratory for Radiopharmacy is an E.C. licensed laboratory for analysis of drugs and radiopharmaceuticals (EN 45001). Analyses and certificates have been performed for:

  • Janssen Pharmaceutica, Belgium, Portugal, South Africa
  • Pharm@Vize, Belgium
  • CILAG, Switzerland
  • Centocor, U.S.A.

Routine analysis

Two experienced technicians are responsible for the routine analyses:

Valerie Vandendriessche
Nico Denecker

Variety of tests


  • HPLC
  • PH
  • Volume
  • Spectrophotometry - vescosity
  • Osmolality
  • TLC


  • RIA
  • IVB
  • Electrophoresis
    • SDS page
    • Western blot
    • IEF
    • Ouchter lony
    • Acetate membrane


  • PET
  • Sterility
  • Pathogens in pharmaceuticals
  • Menbrane filtration

Biochemical routine analysis

At “proefhoeve Melle”, another 2 technicians are working on biochemical routine analysis:

Lieve De Vroe
Joeri Vermeiren

Variety of tests

  • In vivo determination of potency of erythropoietin
  • In vitro determination of potency of erythropoietin
  • Abnormal and acute toxicity test with mice
  • Pyrogen test with rabbits
  • Sensitivity test with rabbits
  • Pharmacokinetic studies in rats