Dr. Andrea Sass

Dr. Andrea Sass

Dr. Andrea Sass

Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Microbiology (LPM)
Universiteit Gent
Ottergemsesteenweg 460
B-9000 Gent - Belgium

Tel: 32 - (0) 9 264 80 93
Fax: 32 - (0) 9 264 81 95

E-mail: Andrea.Sass@ugent.be

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Andrea Sass graduated from the University of Oldenburg, Germany, with a degree in biology in 1997.  She obtained his Ph.D. in microbiology in 2001 with a thesis on sulfate-reducing bacteria (title: "Microbial communities at oxic-anoxic interfaces") at the Institute of Chemistry and Biology of the Marine Environment in Oldenburg, Germany.

She then worked at University of Essex, Colchester, UK in a research project funded by the EU 5th framework programme. The project involved studying deep-sea hypersaline anoxic basins of the Mediterranean Sea, aiming at identifying of new organisms and proteins with potential biotechnological applications and of industrial interest ("Biotechnologies from the deep", BIODEEP, 2001-2004). Later she worked at Cardiff University, UK, on transcriptomics of Burkholderia sp, highly antimicrobial-resistant opportunistic pathogens problematic for individuals with cystic fibrosis. During that time she was funded by the American Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and by the British Cystic Fibrosis Trust; and, among other topics, investigated gene expression under antibiotic stress to find new strategies for antibiotic therapy.

Since 2012 she works as a postdoc at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Ghent University, funded by a Belgian Science Policy Office (BELSPO) Interuniversity Attraction poles project http://www.microdev.ugent.be/

The project aims at elucidating the regulatory mechanisms behind key developmental processes in microorganisms, such as formation of biofilms and of antimicrobial-tolerant persister cells. For this purpose, Andrea will be focussing on small RNAs, key regulators in gene expression, and their role in persistence, biofilm formation and cell-to-cell-communication, in Burkholderia sp. and other bacteria.