Service and expertise

The Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Process Analytical Technology offers various services, based on developed expertise:

  • Chemometric data-analysis
  • Collection of Raman and NIR spectra from samples
  • Testing the added value of newly developed process analyzers (sensors) in our available production processes
  • Qualitative and quantitative Raman and NIR spectroscopic analysis of pharmaceutical dosage forms: solids, half solids, liquids (non-destructive)
  • In-line Raman and NIR spectroscopic monitoring of pharmaceutical production processes
  • Raman spectroscopic mapping of pharmaceutical solid dosage forms: API distribution screening in solid forms, coating thickness analysis, drug migration analysis, …
  • In-line measurement of particle size and particle velocity in pharmaceutical processes.
  • Optimization of freeze-drying processes
  • Biopharmaceutical analysis

For further information, contact Prof. Thomas De Beer.