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Functional Excipients for Solid State Stabilization

Due to the increased development of poorly soluble API’s, solid-state selection has become more and more important in the design of new medicines. The advantages of a well-chosen solid-state form include improved bioavailability, patient-centricity and can even support intellectual property. Both salts and co-crystals are examples of these improved forms. However, a problem that is often encountered during drug development is their solid-state stability. Disproportionation of salts and dissociation of cocrystals can counteract the intended improvements. As a result the lead time as well as the cost for drug development, increases.

 This project aims to improve insights in the (de)stabilizing factors of the solid-state form of cocrystals and salts of weakly acidic and basic drugs. The focus lies on these solid-state forms as they are prone to disproportionation. Furthermore, potential solid-state stabilizers will also be investigated. The goal hereby is to reduce, as well as control the disproportionation of API’s. By conducting this research, a more scientific basis can be generated for the development of formulations, resulting in a reduced product-to-market time.