Ph. D. theses

Benoit Louage 16.03.2017

Design, synthesis and evaluation of advanced polymeric taxane formulations

Lien Lybaert 11.01.2017

Design of immune-modulating polymeric microparticles in view of cell-derived cancer vaccination

Nane Vanparijs 06.10.2016 Design of protei-reactive polymers and core-crosslinked nanoparticles in view of vaccine delivery
Valérie Vanhoorne 23.08.2016 Towards continuous pharmaceutical tablet manufacturing: implementation of continuous agglomeration techniques
Wesley De Jaeghere 26.05.2016 Partially hydrolyzed polyvinyl alcohol as functional excipient in oral solid dosage forms prepared via extrusion
Zhiyue Zhang 19.05.2016 Interactive RAFT polymer-decorated gold nanoparticles for biomedical use
Anouk Vervaeck 08.09.2015 Prilling of fatty acids as innovative technology for oral controlled release multiple-unit systems
Ann-Katrien Vynckier 14.06.2015 Co-extrusion as a continuous production process for fixed-dose combination dosage forms
Bart Claeys 31.03.2015 Non-conventional polymers as matrix excipients for hot melt extruded oral-release formulations
Jurgen Vercruysse 17.11.2014 Innovation in pharmaceutical manufacturing of solid dosage forms via continuous wet granulation
Elisabeth Peeters 07.11.2014 Investigation of the tableting process in continuous production : influence of feeding and extended dwell time during compression on dependent process variables and tablet properties
Lien Dierickx 01.10.2014 Hot-melt co-extrusion as manufacturing technique for multilayer oral dosage forms
Marijke Dierendonck 07.07.2014 Nanoporous microparticles : towards a generic vaccine formulation platform
Margot Fonteyne 07.03.2014 Development and validation of process analytical methods for a continuous pharmaceutical manufacturing process of tablets based on wet granulation
Lieselotte De Smet 13.12.2013 Treatment of peritoneal carcinomatosis via (hyperthermic) intraperitoneal chemotherapy : towards a unified standard of care
Lien Saerens 18.11.2013 Spectroscopic process monitoring for quality assessment, visualization and understanding of pharmaceutical hot-melt extrusion
Joke Lenoir 12.04.2013 Development and optimization of a screening method for clinical discomfort using the Slug Mucosal Irritation test
Samata Mehta 16.01.2013 Multiparticulates for vaginal drug delivery
Andre Antunes 18.12.2012 Development and evaluation of solvent-free processing techniques for poorly water soluble drugs
Anneleen Burggraeve 19.09.2012 Development of process analytical and control methodologies for pharmaceutical wet granulation processes
Katrien Huyghe 09.04.2012 Dry powder vaccines for mass vaccination of poultry : new formulations, comparison with liquid vaccines and feasibility to decrease adverse vaccinal reactions
Liesbeth De Cock 14.11.2011 Design of growth factor-loaded tissue engineering scaffolds full-text available  dissertation
Matthieu Ravelingien 16.09.2010 Development of titanium bone scaffolds with drug delivery system
Charlotte Verrue  08.06.2010  Optimisation of medication use in nursing homes: the role of the pharmacist
Katrien Vandamme 06.05.2010 Development of GantrezR AN nanoparticles for oral delivery of antigens
Egide Kayitare 26.04.2010  Development of solid paediatric oral dosage forms
Delphine Coucke 22.06.2009 Development of a platform for nasal delivery of peptides and vaccines using powder carriers based on starch 
Wim Bouquet-Geerardyn  28.05.2009  Drug delivery of paclitaxel for an intraperitoneal chemotherapy in a ratmodel with peritoneal carninomatosis 
Nele Poelvoorde  29.04.2009 Development of a multi-particulate formulation of viable bacteria for oral and vaginal delivery
Barbara Van Melkebeke 27.04.2009 Development and evaluation of a continuous granulation technique using a twin-screw extruder
An Cosijns  12.03.2009 Development of porous delivery systems for oral drug and vaccine administration 
Ellen Verhoeven 15.12.2008 Hot-melt extrusion as processing technique for multiparticulate dosage forms containing lipophilic and hydrophilic polymers 
Aleksandra Dukic-Ott 28.02.2008 Modified starch as an excipient for pellets prepared by means of extrusion and spheronisation 
Yves Gonnissen  10.01.2008  Coprocessing via spray drying as a formulation platform to improve the compactability of various drugs 
Pierre Claver Kayumba 04.12.2007  Taste-masked quinine formulations for flexible pediatric drug dosing in oral treatment of malaria 
Evy Corbanie  03.07.2007  Development of a dry powder vaccine for mass vaccination of poultry
Eveline Pringels  08.02.2006  Nasal delivery of peptides using powder carriers based on starch/poly(acrylic acid) 
Marijke Dhondt  26.10.2005  Optimisation and validation of an alternative mucosal irritation test 
Nathalie Huyghebaert  21.12.2004  Development of an oral formulation of viable recombinant Lactococcus lactis and F4 fimbriae
Els Mehuys  20.12.2004  Development of a matrix-in-cylinder system for sustained zero-order drug release 
Ann Debunne   06.07.2004 Development of a multiparticulate drug formulation for the administration of piroxicam to dogs 
Geert Vergote   22.06.2004 Paraffinic wax beads as sustained release matrices and as cushioning agents during the compression
Eseldin Keleb  28.06.2004  Continuous agglomeration processes using a twin screw extruder 
Dieter Ameye  04.03.2004  Multifunctional polymers for oral peptide and bioadhesive drug delivery 
Peter Gasper Risha  04.07.2003  Quality of essential drugs on the Tanzanian market: influence of tropical climate on in vitro dissolution and bioavailability 
Caroline De Brabander  13.01.2003  Development of sustained release multiple unit dosage forms using hot-melt extrusion 
Brenda Vermeulen  29.11.2002  Oral bioavailability of ibuprofen enantiomers in broiler chickens and its influence on coccidiosis 
Catherine Callens  28.06.2002  Ontwikkeling van een platform voor de nasale toediening van peptiden 
Faustin Ndindayino 08.03.2002  Isomalt comme excipient dans la fabrication des comprimés 
Dominiek Henrist  02.07.2001  Hot stage extrusion for the production of starch matrices for the oral controlled delivery of drugs
Els Adriaens  08.05.2000  Development of an alternative mucosal irritation test
Filip Kiekens  06.04.2000  Evaluation of the substrate-binder interactions in model and real granulate systems 
An Vermeire  17.12.1998  Stability and compatibility of morphine and plasma levels of morphine during infusion in terminally ill patients
Sabine Inghelbrecht  26.10.1998  Optimisation of the roller compaction process: impact of granulate and tablet quality 
Sam Corveleyn  20.10.1998  Evaluation of maltodextrines as excipiens with the formulation of lyophilised pharmaceutical forms
Fang Zhou  10.02.1998  Matrix pellets based on microcrystalline waxes and starches
Jody Voorspoels   23.10.1997 Orale mucosale absorptie van geneesmiddelen via een bioadhesieve tablet
Chris Vervaet   23.06.1997 Influence of process- and formulation parameters on the quality of pellets, produced by use of extrusion/spheronisation 
Maria Deolinda Ferreira Dos Santos   30.04.1997 Bioavailability of doxycyline in turkeys and its potential use for the treatment of chlomydia psittaci infections via drinking water medication