In the Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Technology fundamental and applied research is carried out in the fields of extrusionspheronisation, bioadhesion, controlled release based on hot stage extrusion technology, freeze-drying, tabletting and granulation.
Some 15 Ph.D. students and 3 postdoctoral fellows work on their research projects, under the guidance of Prof. dr. Jean Paul Remon and Prof. dr. Chris Vervaet.


The research is focused on the development of innovative drug dosage forms (mainly solid dosage forms) for human application as well as for veterinary use. These dosage forms are based on pharmaceutical accepted excipients used as such or as mixtures to impart specific drug release properties (immediate, controlled or sustained release) to the formulation.
The projects at the Department of Pharmaceutical Technology are focused on the following topics:

  • extrusion/spheronisation
  • bioadhesion
  • controlled release based on hot stage extrusion technology
  • freeze-drying
  • tabletting
  • granulation

These projects involve fundamental research, technical development and in-vitro evaluation of the newly developed formulations as well as a biopharmaceutical part which evaluates the in-vivo efficiency of the formulations following administration to animals or human volunteers.

Next to formulation research several projects involve specific pharmaceutical problems such as the quality of pharmaceuticals in 3rd world countries, the bioavailability of drugs used in palliative care and the development of an alternative method (using naked snails) to determine the mucosal irritation of drugs.


Within the following years the research work will remain focused on the main research topics (extrusion/spheronization, bioadhesion and controlled drug release), based on the expertise gained within these research areas over the last 10 years and based on the extensive cooperation with several national and international research institutes. Due to the revolution within the pharmaceutical biotech-industry and to the importance of the parenteral route as the main route of administration of biotech drugs, research work in this field will be initiated at the Department of Pharmaceutical Technology.

Ph.D. works since 1997