Center for Vaccinology (CEVAC)

Research Domain

The CEVAC Immunomonitoring Laboratory contributes to the development of new or improved, safe and efficacious vaccines for the prevention or treatment of infectious diseases. Over the past two decades we gained extensive experience

  • in designing, developing, qualifying and validating assays to detect and quantify innate and adaptive immune responses induced by natural infection and vaccination. The CEVAC Immunomonitoring Laboratory has a vast experience in the measurement of antigen-specific cellular immune responses using intracellular cytokine staining and flow cytometry.
  • in providing services as the central laboratory in large, multicentric, international vaccine trials. We provide vaccine manufacturers, biotech companies and clinical research organisations with all the support needed to have a variety of sample types prepared according to the highest quality standards.

All processes are executed in compliance with the applicable regulatory requirements in a new and validated, state of the art laboratory.

Research topics



Prof. Dr. Isabel Leroux-Roels