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Ever since it’s foundation in 1817, anatomy has always played a key roll in medical education at the Ghent University.

In 1878 a genuine Anatomical Institute was built (image on the left) to underline the importance of the exploration of the human body for educational, diagnostic and research purposes.

Later, in 1965, the anatomy department moved to the new modernistic facility at the Ledeganckstraat. The interest of the clinical field for advanced training on human bodies led to the establishment of Endogent in 2007 and, after a reorganisation, to the birth of CETRAS in 2012.

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The Centre for Training and Education in Anatomical Science was relocated in 2014 to the University Hospital campus where a new building (image on the right) was constructed equipped with up to date infrastructure and with great accessibility by car and public transport.

It is fair to say that the importance of the knowledge of human anatomy in training the doctors of tomorrow has never been questioned for the last 200 years. We, at CETRAS, respect and cherish our history, which has learned us a lot, but now we embrace our future to learn us even more.