Aim and activity of biobank CETRAS

The CETRAS biobank is specifically set up to serve as a resource for research in the field of anatomy, biomechanics, surgery and genetics.


The purpose of this biobank is multiple:

  • By setting up this facility, researchers have faster access to samples and data for conducting high-quality scientific research.
  • The samples and data from the biobank are used to gain a better insight into the functioning of the general human anatomy.
  • Based on this insight, an attempt is made to develop new therapeutic applications that can improve healthcare.


At present, studies in which the material and data will be used are situated in the following research areas:

  • Anatomy: research of variations of structures
  • Biomechanics: study of joint movements and other tissues
  • Surgery: research of training of medical doctors; research of the filling of blood vessels
  • Genetics: changes (mutations) in the genetic cell material of tissues

... and will always be approved in advance by an Ethics Committee.