Training options

At CETRAS we can facilitate training in many different surgical skills and medical disciplines from plastic, thoracal, vascular and abdominal surgery to gynaecology, E.N.T. and orthopaedics.

Endoscopic towers are available at the lab and C-arches can be used in the lab room because of the modified doors and walls according to radiation safety guidelines.



The 30 mobile dissection tables offer a great flexibility for the organisation of the setup together with the available peg-boards and leg rests to position the training specimen.

Furthermore, the lab room of 400 square meters can be divided into two separate lab rooms and is equipped with 3 beamers and microphones for presentations or live projecting of the surgical procedures. Depending on the number of attendees a smaller coffee room or a bigger conference room is available for coffee and/or lunch breaks.

The location of CETRAS at the campus of the university hospital is an asset to our centre because of the highway nearby and a very good public transport connection.