Within this line of research, the 'Gynaecology Research Group' focusses on the interaction between breast cancer and the environment.

Research projects

Database of the breast clinic with clinical data

Collection of data from approximately 4000 breast cancer patients to study survival between different breast cancer types.


Collection of tumour tissue

Retrospective study of pleomorphic lobular carcinoma for determination of certain markers such as PDL1-TIL's-NTRK.


Exosomes in breast cancer

Translational research on the role of exosomes in breast cancer. Also optimization of exosome isolation and analysis for implementation in a clinical setting in the context of biomarker discovery.


Lobular breast cancer

Survival between lobular tumour subtypes appears to be different with a poorer prognosis for solid and pleomorphic type. Lack of clarity in the literature.


Vulvovaginal atrophy in breast cancer patients

Research to the impact and therapeutic options for the treatment of vulvovaginal atrophy in breast cancer patients with anti-hormonal therapy.


Collaboration with the Laboratory for Experimental Cancer Research (An Hendrix and Olivier De Wever) for research into the mechanisms of growth and differentiation in breast cancer, as well as the influence of exosomes on cancer. Exosomes are small particles derived from tumour cells that play a critical role in intercellular communication and cancer mechanisms.



  • Geert Braems, researcher

  • Menekse Göker, reseacher