Premature birth

Within this line of research, the 'Obstetrics Research Group' focuses on the prediction of premature birth, as well as the short- and long-term consequences of an (admission for impending) preterm delivery.

Research projects

PRETURN: PREdiction Tool for premaTure laboUr and Neonatal outcome

Develop a prediction model for preterm birth


Database preterm birth

Longitudinal database on preterm birth: all patients admitted to Maternal Intensive Care (MIC) at University Hospital Ghent with imminent premature parturition (24-34 weeks at admission) are included. Follow-up of MIC, neonatology admission and possible follow-up takes place in the Centre for Developmental Disorders.


ExPECT: Early PrEgnancy Complication Testing


  • Collaboration with IDLab - IMEC: Gilles Vandewiele, Thomas Demeester, Sofie Van Hoecke
  • Collaboration with the Department of Intensive Care and Internal Diseases, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Ghent University: Prof. Dr Johan Decruyenaere, Johan Steen
  • Collaboration with paediatrics (Prof. Dr Koenraad Smets, Dr Kris De Coen, Dr Ann Oostra)



  • Isabelle Dehaene, Deputy Head Women's Clinic, PhD student

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