Severe obstetric complications

Within this line of research, the 'Obstetrics Research Group' registers and analyses rare and severe complications and disorders of pregnancy via B.OSS (Belgian Obstetric Surveillance System).

This national project is supported by the College of Physicians for Mother and Newborn and the Federal Public Service for Health. B.OSS is part of the INOSS (International Network of Obstetric Survey Systems).

Additional FPS funding was secured for the year 2020, for the recruitment of Karolien Benoit, under the direct supervision and coordination of Dr Griet Vandenberghe and Prof. Kristien Roelens

Already completed B.OSS research projects

  • Uterine rupture in Belgium
  • Peripartum hysterectomy and/or arterial embolization in Belgium
  • Eclampsia in Belgium
  • Spontaneous hemoperitoneum during pregnancy (INOSS)
  • Anaphylaxis during pregnancy (INOSS)
  • Global study on maternal septicemia (INOSS, WHO)

Ongoing B.OSS projects

Intrahepatic cholestasis of Pregnancy (ICP)

We include every pregnant woman with intermediate (bile acids 40-99 mcmol/L) or severe (bile acids ≥ 100 mcmol/L) ICP.

  • researchers: Audrey Francinetti (UZA), Laura de Luca (ULB)
  • funding: B.OSS is funded by the FPS Public Health.


COVID-19 and pregnancy

We include any pregnant woman or woman who has recently given birth until 6 weeks postpartum with the diagnosis of COVID-19 infection hospitalized, from 1/03/2020 to 01/03/2021.

  • funding: This study is funded by the College of Physicians for Mother and Newborn.


Surgical complications of bariatric surgery in pregnancy

We include any pregnant woman who has to undergo surgery during pregnancy because of a complication from bariatric surgery.

  • researchers: Paulien De Mulder (Ghent University)


Belgian Analysis system for Maternal Mortality (BAMM)

The registration and analysis of the very rare cases of maternal death in Belgium. The analysis is carried out at a local and national level (multidisciplinary team of experts).

  • researchers: BAMM team


B.OSS works closely together with the perinatal registrations:

B.OSS is supported by the professional groups VVOG (Flemish Association for Obstetrics and Gynecology) and GGOLFB (French-speaking gynaecologists in Belgium).



  • Karolien Benoit, B.OSS officer

+32 476 60 42 76