Elbow Research

Within this line of research, the 'Orthopaedics and Traumatology Research Group' strives to understand the underlying mechanisms of elbow pain and to develop optimal treatment methods in order to control them. 

Research projects

Evaluation of fractures around the elbow

Fractures can occur at the level of both the radius, the ulna and the distal humeral. In order to be able to treat this better, we perform 3D CT analyses of the different fractures and we evaluate the outcome between different treatment techniques.


Further optimization of elbow prostheses

By analysing the ulnohumeral relationship in normal and pathological elbows, we try to find a solution for the early release of a prosthesis.


Treatment of tennis elbows

With the help of a double-blind randomized study we are currently evaluating the effect of a dietary supplement on tennis elbow.


  • Treatment of bursitis olecrani with hydrothermal ablation in collaboration with the Orthopaedics department of Sint-Jan Hospital (Dr. B. Berghs)
  • Multicentre study of the tennis elbow
  • Multicentre study of the olecranon fracture treatment



  • Patricia Geirnaert, study nurse

tel. +32 9 332 57 18