Foot Research

Within this line of research, the 'Orthopaedics and Traumatology Research Group' focuses its research on different types of foot loading that ensure that anomalies of the foot and/or ankle are being detected more quickly and associated inflammation is better understood.

Research projects

Final grade osteoarthritis of the hindfoot treated with total ankle prosthesis

The only treatment that can permanently replace the damaged cartilage in the ankle and allows mobility is a total ankle prosthesis. A new currently available generation can more accurately restore the patient's anatomy and is systematically monitored at our department.

  • researchers: B. Devos Bevernage, T. Leemrijse


Deviations in the position of the hindfoot mapped by a standing CT scan

A disorder in the deviation of the hindfoot will cause pain complaints and limitations in the gait pattern. The research with the standing CT scan strives to obtain a detailed representation of the hindfoot, whereby both the diagnosis and the treatment can be accurately determined.


Instability of the hindfoot assessed by a standing CT scan and biomechanical analyses

The stability of the hindfoot is determined by various ligaments. The research with the standing CT scan and various biomechanical analyzes tries to determine the etiopathogenesis of the instability in order to obtain a targeted diagnosis and treatment.


The role of mechanical stress in inflammation in the hindfoot

Deviations in the position of the hindfoot give mechanical stress that can lead to various inflammatory reactions. This study aims to clarify the link between inflammation and mechanical stress by identifying different cell types that can modulate this process.




Computer-assisted analyses are the future to accurately map disorders of the hindfoot. This requires more than medical knowledge and opens the door for a multidisciplinary approach. Therefore we work together with:

  • the engineering department of the University of Bologna (Italy) to determine complex angle measurements
  • the university of Utah (USA) to mathematically determine shape analysis of the hindfoot
  • the highly reputable VIB-IRC Center for Inflammation Research (Ghent University) to quantify cell responses



  • Patricia Geirnaert, study nurse

tel. +32 9 332 57 18