Infrastructure and expertise support

About this line of research

We are happy to share our materials (biosensor probes), expertise in O2, hypoxia and cell metabolism studies and your experiments in biofabrication and 3D cell culture.

We have ongoing collaborations with the Polymer Biomaterials Group Ghent (PBM) in the development of innovative biomaterials, Laboratory of Experimental Cancer Research (LECR), support the work of Plastic surgery lab (GATE), CDIT lab and Medical Cell Biology Research group (see Collaborations).

Our expertise is also shared through participation in CRIG, GGIG and GATE consortia activities.


  1. Peirsman A, Blondeel E, Ahmed T, Anckaert J, Audenaert D, Boterberg T, Buzas K, Carragher N, Castellani G, Castro F et al: MISpheroID: a knowledgebase and transparency tool for minimum information in spheroid identity. Nature Methods


  • Ruslan Dmitriev, professor/head of the group

+32 9 332 51 33