Biodosimetry service

National Reference Laboratory for biological dosimetry in the frame of occupational, medical and accidental radiation overexposures

Biological dosimetry is used to quantify the exposure and to assess the dose after exposure to ionizing radiation.

Analyses for dose estimation

Cytogenetic biodosimetry analyses (micronucleus and dicentric chromosome aberration assay) are performed on blood samples to define the frequency of chromosomal aberrations. These rapid and standardized methods can be performed for individual dose estimation or in case of large-scale radiation accidents.


  • Recognized by the Federal Agency of Nuclear Control (FANC) to provide dose assessment after radiation accidents
  • Partner of the RENEB association for biological dosimetry 
  • Genotoxicity testing for industry partners



  • Prof. dr. Anne Vral

+32 9 332 51 29

  • Prof. dr. ir. Ans Baeyens 

+ 32 9 332 49 19