BioMUG, laboratory biomechanical research

BioMUG is the laboratory for biomechanical research at Ghent University and is located on the campus of the University Hospital Ghent.

The lab has the following equipment for advanced kinematic analyses:

Biomug - Robotic setup

Robotic Test Setup

This robot setup is based on an industrial 6-axis robot and is further equipped with a 6D load cell and optical camera system. This setup is used for research on robotic surgical techniques and the biomechanical evaluation of joints.

Oxford Knee Rig

For the evaluation of kinematics of the human knee, the lab has an Oxford Knee Rig. This test setup allows the movement of an entire lower leg to be simulated while keeping the muscle load at a physiological level.


To evaluate 3D movements of human objects and test objects in the Oxford Knee Rig, the lab has an OptiTrack measuring system. That system consists of eight cameras that track the movement of infrared markers placed on the object.

To minimize surgical variance during prosthesis placement, a BrainLab system is available for research purposes.

Pressure measuring systems

The laboratory has various pressure measurement systems available to evaluate the pressure distribution during movements, for example between articular surfaces.

In collaboration with one of our research partners, we can study complete 3D deformations of visually accessible regions. We use 3D digital image correlation for this.


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