Diagnostic lab for radiosensitivity analysis

The Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory Service for Radiosensitivity Analysis is recognized as National Reference Lab for radiosensitivity analysis by Sciensano since 2019; BELAC accredited laboratory.


Radiosensitivity describes the sensitivity of individuals to the effects of ionizing radiation. The cause of this sensitivity may be due to defects in DNA repair mechanisms. The information about the radiosensitivity status of patients is important for their diagnosis, follow-up and treatment.

Which patients?

Patients (mostly children) with a genetic disorder due to mutations in DNA repair genes, eg. Ataxia telangiectasia, Fanconia anemia, NBS, primary immune deficiency diseases (PID)…


Our radiobiology lab of Ghent University is part of the Laboratory of Clinical Biology University Hospital Ghent for this diagnostic service.



  • Prof. dr. ir. Ans Baeyens

+32 9 332 49 19

  • Prof. dr. Anne Vral

+ 32 9 332 51 29