QCC Ghent, the centre for medical radiation physics in radiology and nuclear medicine, specialises in:

  • physical-technical quality control of mammographic units1
  • medical radiation physics from other X-ray equipment2 in hospitals, at private radiologists and dentists
  • in the context of the radiation protection of the patient

QCC-Ghent info

  • Established in 1999
  • Team of experts recognised by the Federal Agency for Nuclear Control (FANC) in medical radiation physics in the field of radiology or the field of radiology and nuclear medicine
  • Authorised by the Flemish Agency for Care and Health to provide the external physical and technical quality care program for screening mammography devices in the context of the Flemish Breast Cancer Screening


1 The physical-technical quality control of mammographic units contains:

  • acceptance test, annual and semi-annual check of the mammograph
  • analysis and supervision of the data of the daily and weekly tests performed by the local staff in the mammographic unit. The mammographic unit is notified of problems with the mammograph or with the diagnostic displays by telephone
  • provide a monthly summary report of these test results to the mammographic unit and the Center for Cancer Detection (CvKO)

In the context of the Flemish Breast Cancer Population Screening, we are also responsible for conducting tests for the type approval of digital mammography image acquisition devices and review workstations (monitors).

2 The medical radiation physics of other X-ray equipment includes:

  • testing the equipment before first clinical use
  • periodic assessment against the acceptability criteria
  • processing and interpretation of the patient-related dosimetry required in this context
  • advice in preparing the specifications for the purchase of new appliances

We are also responsible for all other legal assignments of the expert in medical radiation physics.