Creating a patient oriented approach to optimal and lifelong cardiovascular care through science, ranging from prevention to treatment, in order to reduce the burden of cardiovascular disease.

Research Activities

The department of cardiology invests in a range of research domains incorporating very different parts of the cardiovascular system from vascular diseases, valvular dysfunction, conduction and rhythm abnormalities, sex and gender differences up to cardiac functional disorders, with a specific focus on the aorta, hypertension, physiologic pacing, myocardial function, valvular regurgitation and pulmonary hypertension.

Research Staff

Research Themes

Aortic Disease and (Adult) Congenital Heart Disease

  1. Developing a platform for precision medicine in Heritable Thoracic Aortic Disease: through integration of basic science (mouse and zebrafish models) and human data we aim to identify better strategies for risk stratification and treatment.
  2. Transition in cardiology : develop an evidence-based transition project, which has a positive impact on disease-related knowledge, quality of life, transition experience and continuity of care.
  3. Precision medicine in childhood-onset diseases: A lifespan perspective on accelerated aging in congenital heart disease using the epigenetic clock.

Hypertension and Vascular Disease

  1. Hypertension accurate diagnosis, optimal management & new therapies, in collaboration    with Belgian Society of Hypertension and European Society of Hypertension. 
  2. Fibromuscular dysplasia & spontaneaous coronary dissection (FMD & SCAD) diagnosis, management and follow up; in collaboration with several departments in UZ Ghent and several other centres in Belgium & Europe & worldwide. 
  3. Anticoagulation  optimal management, in collaboration with Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences. 
  4. Cardiovascular screening and Diabetes mellitus in collaboration with Endocrinology and Revalidation & Kinesitherapy. 
  5. Cardiovascular and metabolic disorders in transgenders
    ENIGI: exploring interaction between hormonal and genderrole related factors in transgender men and women, a collaborative project with the department of Endocrinology.

Cardiac Conduction Disturbances and Physiologic Pacing

  • Our research group investigates the electrocardiographic and echocardiographic characteristics of left bundle branch block, and investigates the  pathophysiology of left bundle branch block in the context of heart failure and cardiac resynchronization therapy. In particular, we analyse the impact of left bundle branch block on left ventricular remodeling in heart failure patients to allow risk stratification and treatment strategy.
  • We aim to optimize current pacing strategies for individual patients and contributes to the development of new and innovative pacing modalities. The focus of this research is to obtain physiologic pacing with preservation of normal cardiac contraction during pacing. The electrophysiologic department of the University Hospital Ghent is a pioneer in the field of conduction system pacing with an excellent international reputation in the field of physiologic pacing. 

Valvular Heart Disease

Our group has developed a novel echocardiographic grading method for mitral valve regurgitation that allows improved grading, risk stratification and decision making in mitral valve regurgitation. 

Pulmonary Hypertension

Study and development of early diagnosis and treatment of PAH in systemic sclerosis and porto- pulmonary hypertension  in collaboration with the departments of rheumatology.