Hormone oriented research with a particular focus on determinants of sex steroids exposure and their relevance for body composition and bone metabolism, neurocognitive function, immunity, and metabolic health.

Research Activities

  • Translational and clinical research in the field of sex steroid hormones and their clinical determinants and consequences, both in healthy and diseased conditions. Focus on steroid hormone bioavailability, in strong collaboration with analytical labs of UZ Gent and UGent.
  • Leading centre in transgender research, founding member of the multicentre ENIGI study (European Network for the Investigation of Gender Incongruence).
  • Translational and clinical research into determinants of bone metabolism, both in healthy and diseased conditions, with a focus on endocrine determinants and body composition.
  • Clinical research platform comprising anthropometry unit, DXA-, pQCT-, and mechanography devices.
  • Evaluation of glycaemic variability and its determinants and consequences in clinical conditions such as type 1 diabetes and the postprandial reactive syndrome.
  • Exploration of PSMA as a diagnostic and therapeutic target molecule in advanced thyroid cancer.

Research Staff