Patient tailored care and drug utilization for frail older persons.

Research Activities

In research theme we focus on improving the holistic care of frail older persons. Here, we take pain, other discomfort, psychosocial and existential concerns into consideration. We study which tools can help clinicians to implement patient- and family centred care and to enhance appropriate end-of-life decision-making. Furthermore, we investigate the drug utilization patterns in older patients in order to pinpoint the indicators of inappropriate prescribing. It is our goal to implement improved patient-centred care and prescribing policies in older people.

Research Staff

  • Prof. dr. Mirko Petrovic: geriatric pharmacotherapy, pharmaco-epidemiology, appropriate prescribing
  • Prof. dr. Ruth Piers: care ethics, ethical climate, end-of-life-care, palliative care, patient and family centred care
  • Prof. dr. Nele Van Den Noortgate: end-of-life-care, palliative care, patient and family centred care, sarcopenia, translational research in immunosenescence nursing home living lab, medical ethics