The department of hematology provides excellent scientifically supported care for patients with blood diseases. Its role in education and research on regional and international level contributes to the improvement of standards of treatment and care. It accomplishes this mission in permanent consideration of each individual patient’s quality of life and with respect for the possibilities of development of its collaborators.

Research Activities

The research activities of the department of hematology cover a wide variety of research themes within the field of hematology and PID, covering the spectrum from basic over translational to clinical and societal research. We collaborate closely with the departments of clinical biology, pediatrics, bio-informatics, pathology, VIB, and with pharmaceutical companies.

  1. Clinical and basic research in stem cell transplantation and cell therapy, including interventional and pharmacology studies, CAR-T development and application in AML, lymphoma, myeloma. 
  2. Targeted and novel immune Interventional research (Phase 1-3) in myelodysplasia /myeloproliferative, lymphoid and plasma cell malignancies.
  3. Translational research in DNA/RNA liquid biopsy and patient derived xenograft for immune response in lymphoma.
  4. Translational and interventional research in acute leukemia 
  5. Clinical and translational research in primary and acquired immune deficiencies.
  6. Person centered cancer care: research in outreach and patient communication on immunotherapies and cell therapies in hematology, research on the impact on arts in patient care and professional development of caregivers.

Research Staff