Pediatric Cardiology

Research in congenital cardiology and inherited and acquired disorders in children.

Research Activities

Our research encompasses different areas in congenital heart disease (CHD) and inherited and acquired cardiac conditions in children. Research activities are psychosocial care in CHD, physical activity and exercise physiology in CHD, cardiovascular complications in children with heritable thoracic aortic diseases, genetic predisposition and aging in CHD. We also focus on results of catheter and surgical interventions in our own patient groups and in multicentre studies and surveys. Radioprotection of children in need of catheter interventions is of special interest for our group.

Research Staff

Research Projects

Psychosocial Care in Congenital Heart Diseases

  • Research evaluating psychosocial impact of cardiac surgery and hospital admission of children with a CHD and their parents and families.

The Cardiovascular Spectrum of Patients with Heritable Thoracic Aortic Diseases

  • Research focussing on evaluating and unravelling the underlying pathophysiology of cardiomyopathy, arrhythmia and mitral valve disease in children and adults with Marfan syndrome and related conditions.

Aortic dilatation in Turner Syndrome: Quest for the Missing Link

  • Research centred in understanding the pathogenesis and predisposition factors of aortic dilatation and dissection in males and females with Turner syndrome.

Aging in Congenital Heart Diseases

  • This research topic focusses on better understanding the disparity between chronological and biological age in children and adults with CHD.

Exercise Physiology and Physical Fitness in Children with Congenital Heart Diseases

  • Evaluation of cardiopulmonary exercise testing, exercise recovery, near infrared spectroscopy during maximal exercise and exercise kinetics in different types of congenital heart diseases. Collaboration with department of Sports Medicine and with department of Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy.

Transition Care in Congenital Heart Disease

  • Research focussed on the implementation of a transition program for the care of children and adults with CHD.

Expanding the Genetic Landscape of Children with Congenital Heart Diseases

  • Study of the contribution of genetic variants in the development of CHD.

Hemodynamic Considerations after Coarctation Repair

  • Research focussed on acquiring a greater insight into the aortic and ventricular hemodynamics before and after coarctation repair.

Radioprotection for Children with CHD during Heart Catheterisations

  • Evaluation of risks of irradiation and reduction of those risks in children with CHD in close collaboration with the department of medical physics.

Cardiovascular Effects of COVID Infection and Kawasaki Disease (KD) in Children

  • Investigation of long term effects of COVID (PIMS) on myocardial function in children and evaluation of corticosteroids in the treatment of KD (c4c collaboration)

Results of Interventional Treatments in CHD

  • Evaluation of the results of interventional treatments and participation in multicentre surveys and registries (percutaneous valves, VSD closure devices)

Pulmonary Hypertension in Children

  • Treatment of pulmonary hypertension in children and evaluation of the diagnosis and prognosis of pulmonary hypertension in newborns.

Cardiovascular Effects of Treatments of Neuromuscular Diseases

  • The study of the cardiovascular effects of novel treatments for neuromuscular diseases.