Pediatric Hematology & Oncology

The department of pediatric hematology and oncology (PHO) aims to optimize diagnostics, care, treatment and outcome of children with cancer or a hematological disorder.

Research Activities

Our research activities encompass fundamental, translational and clinical scientific projects, often in collaboration with (inter)national research groups. The PHO lab focuses on the development of targeted therapies, therapeutic drug monitoring (Asparaginase), biomarker development and cancer predisposition. Members of our department act as principal investigators of numerous (inter)national academic or industry-sponsored studies/trials. In addition, our department is an ITCC recognized Early Phase trial center and member of ERN PaedCan and ERN TransplantChild.

Research Staff

  • Prof. dr. Barbara De Moerloose: pediatric AML, ALL, JMML, CML, MDS, relapsed/refractory leukaemia, new drugs, immunotherapy, CAR-T cell therapy, bone marrow failure
  • Prof. dr. Bram De Wilde: neuroblastoma, brain tumours, cf DNA, methylation, TEARDROP project, biobanking
  • Prof. dr. Catharina Dhooge: pediatric bone and soft tissue tumours (FOSTER consortium), stem cell transplantation, palliative care, AYA care and transition, rehabilitation, late effects
  • Prof. dr. Tim Lammens: pediatric AML, ALL, JMML, drug monitoring, immunotherapy, CAR-T cell therapy, cytotoxic T-lymphocytes, patient-derived xenografts, cancer predisposition, biobanking, non-coding RNA, neuroblastoma, pharmacogenomics